Window curtains & window treatment.


Window Curtains & Window Treatment

Matching the window treatment with wallpaper eliminates the visual clutter caused by contrasting drapes. This gives your room a complete, clean look, because your window treatments look like they have grown right out of the walls, rather than being tacked onto them.

1. Roman shades
Roman shades are operated like horizontal blinds but instead of horizontal blades consist of one continuous piece of fabric, featuring horizontal folds down the length of the shade. These folds lay flat against the window when down but fold up nicely when raised, combining the soft look of fabric drapery with the functionality of a shade.

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Window Curtains serve many purposes according to ones needs. Your need for window curtains may include, adding style to your room by giving your windows a graceful drapery, blocking light and noise from outside as hotel curtains need to, privacy from prying eyes, giving asymmetrical windows symmetry etc.
Our collection of latest window curtain designs address the diverse needs peculiar to our Kenyan environment.They come in different colors, sizes and fabrics.
When choosing window curtains for your rooms, there are many factors to consider, including whose room it is, color, pattern, style, length, and fabric. The fabric you choose affects how a curtain hangs and drapes, as well as the texture, coverage, durability, and ease of laundering. Explore the various curtain fabrics available to choose the window treatments that best satisfy your decor and needs.

Fabrics available are linens, silk, cotton, velvet, polyester and lace.
The different window curtains designs and styles include;
  • - Blackout curtains
  • - Flat panel curtains
  • - Tab top curtains
  • - Grommet curtains
  • - Sash curtains
  • - Rod pocket curtains
  • - Curtain liners etc.
Linen window curtain fabrics
Linen curtains tends move or flow outward with an undulating motion.and still provides a tailored look, making curtains constructed of linen material perfect for a casual dining area, airy bedroom, or contemporary living room. Linen window curtains drapes nicely, and linen sheer fabric doesn’t block the sun, which allows for natural light to fill your living space. One down side Linen curtains is are typically dry clean only, and they should be hung immediately to avoid creasing and wrinkling.
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