Frequently Asked Questions about Window Treatments

When shopping for window coverings in Nairobi, Kenya, you will realize there are several different types of residential and hotel curtains available. Your choice of window treatment will depend on several factors, home, office or for hotel use, budget, style, Living room or bedroom, whose bedroom, color theme and so on. Read on for some answers to frequently asked questions to help you make the best decisions regarding your window coverings.
How Can I Use Window Treatments to Block Outside Noise?
In addition to blocking hot Kenyan sunlight, blackout curtains can used to keep your hotel quesr rooms quiet to aid in sleeping. If you have a living space next to a noisy outdoor area, choose blackout curtains made of heavy fabric. For the greatest degree of sound blocking, you can even layer two types of fabric. Start with a window shade mounted close to the window glass, and then hang floor-length window drapes for an additional layer of sound protection.