Nairobi Curtain Designers (Hotel & Blackout Curtains home in Kenya)


Hotel Blackout Curtains, Soundproof Curtains, Curtain Rods, Office Curtains & Blinds, Children's Room Curtain Designers in Kenya.

Nairobi Curtain Designers makes unique hotel blackout curtains, customized soundproof curtains, curtain hardware-curtain poles, heavy duty curtain rods, drapery rods & curtain rails, double curtain rods, curtain rod brackets, extendable & curved curtain rods, short & extra long curtain rods..... We also distribute excellent quality ex U.K. used second hand curtains, second hand hotel blackout curtains and office curtains, soundproofing curtains, lace & sheer curtains in Kenya known as mtumba curtains. Mtumba means second hand curtains. New curtain fabrics for home, office window curtain fabrics and fabrics for Kids or children's room curtains. Most of the customers who visit our curtain shop in Nairobi cannot tell between the new and the used, second hand (mtumba) curtains. Our used mtumba curtains are unique curtains previously owned by 5 star hotels in United Kingdom. Nairobi Curtain Designers is a sister company of Wallpaper Kenya. In the last 15 years, Wallpaper Kenya, has been dealing in window curtains, curtains rods and window treatments on a small scale. The establishment of Nairobi Curtain Designers is thus an effort to give window treatment the seriousness it deserves.

Only the highest quality curtains are sold in our mtumba second-hand range. Most are interlined and are designer fabrics previously owned by top hotels. All Nairobi Curtain Designers mtumba curtains are carefully inspected before being accepted for re-sale and most are either new, from show houses or interior designer displays, or cancelled orders.

Few curtain shops in Kenya offer as wide a variety of specialized window treatments and window curtain services as does Nairobi Curtain Designers. We not not only maker curtains, offer an all round solution to all window treatment needs. From latest home and hotel curtain designs to curtain rods, curtain tracks, curtain hold-backs, curtain rod finials, curtain rod brackets, window blinds and window films.
We pride in a team of expert curtain designers and curtain makers who are well versed with both classical and current trends of window treatments.

We use selected curtain fabrics purposeful. For instance Polyester is a common fabric for curtains, as it is durable, sturdy, and affordable. Also polyester curtains resist stretching, wash well resisting wrinkling and shrinking. Another good reason for using polyester curtain fabric is that it is resistant to mildew and therefore ideal to use for shower curtains and bathroom tiers and valances.

Customer satisfaction is one of our key core values. Thus, we have a history of out doing ourselves when it comes to customer service. We pay special attention to customer needs and advice or serve them accordingly.
As part of wallpaper Kenya, our dream of transforming your interiors through elegant décor has never been this close. Wallpaper Kenya works on your walls and we complete the look by blending in window treatments, to give your interiors a clean, elegant finish.
Whatever your window treatment needs, we are your reliable experts. We will sort you out.
Nairobi Curtain Designers are home window curtains and hotel curtain designers conveniently housed under the same roof Wallpaper and in a complex other other interior decoration shops. Wallpaper Kenya has been matching wallpaper with home window curtains and hotel curtains, curtain rods, window blinds, window films and other window treatments since its establishment more than 15 year ago. Nairobi Curtain Designers grew out of Wallpaper Kenya and was established as an independent sister company of Wallpaper Kenya in 2018. The establishment of Nairobi Curtain Designers is an organic growth of Wallpaper Kenya as an interior decoration company necessitated by the fact that matching curtains, window blinds or window tints and wallpaper always works.

Matching curtains with wallpaper or say matching window treatment with wallpaper usually adds ample dimension with none of the visual clutter that typically comes from contrasting drapes. Your curtains, window blinds or window treatments will look a little bit like they've grown right out of the walls rather than being tacked onto them.

Who frequently shops at Nairobi Curtain Designers.

Majority of our daily customers are home owners looking for different curtain designs followed by hotels. This is because all homes or houses need curtains. We are a favorite with kids reason being parent are able to pick what curtains the kids want from our website. We do not just stock curtains anyhow. Among our staff is a qualified fabrics and curtains designer and an information scientist and we know and stock exactly the curtain designs people are looking for. It is not by fluke that we have Ben 10 and Micky Mouse Kids curtains., Frozen curtains, blackout hotel curtains....We precisely know what the market requires. Among the institutions that we service the hotel industry leads. This is because hotels require a special kind of curtain that we deal in. One of the most important factors affecting a how a hotel guest judges your hotel is the quality of sleep they’re able to get. Curtains that fail to effectively block out light from the sun or nearby street lights, can have a big negative impact on how your hotel is judged. Cheap hotel blackout curtains will never be up to the task since bespoke fitment is essential for complete control over the light entering a hotel's guest room through the window. The chance of repeat customer from a hotel guest who wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep is low. Hotel black out curtains aid in sleep by blocking out light and most of the noise that would otherwise pass through the window. Blackout curtains refers to a foam-backed, opaque curtain fabric used to black out light. They are therefor most commonly found in hotel rooms. For hotel guests, and parents of babies, blackout curtains are an essential element of bedroom windows. All our curtains are tailored under the strict supervision of a trained curtains designer and fabrics expert for that fine seamless finish. We’re also able to customize your curtains to match your hotel's brand, we can create white blackout curtains as well as black and add your logo or branding to your hotel curtains.