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Sofia the first Curtains

Sofia the first Curtains


The popularity of Sofia the First Curtains arises from young girls identifying with Sofia the First. "Sofia the First" is an animated television series produced for Disney Channel. The show follows the adventures of Sofia. Sofia becomes a princess when her mother, Miranda, marries King Roland II of Enchancia. Sofia is a fairy-tale girl who lives in a fairy-tale world. The show features songs by John Kavanaugh and Erica Rothschild and a musical score by Kevin Kliesch. The plot: Sofia as a young girl and her mother Miranda lived a peasant life in the kingdom of Enchancia. One day, Sofia's mother marries King Roland II, which leads to her becoming a princess. As she adjusts to her new role, Sofia works to live among the royal family while having different adventures along the way. King Roland presents Sofia with a magical amulet, which, Sofia discovers, gives her the power to talk to animals and summon Disney princesses in the time of need.