Sheer curtains


Sheer Curtains in Kenya: translucent, gauzy curtains are not too common. Although sheer curtains are really versatile they are often overlooked. Most sheer curtains in Kenya are more or less simple ‘net-like’ curtains but you can now get them plain or patterned (lace curtains) and made from a variety of materials. As sheers curtains are constantly exposed to a lot of light Nairobi Curtain Designers recommends you make your choice based on fade resistance as well as appearance.Here we will enumerate the benefits of Nairobi Curtain Designers Sheer Curtains as follows:

1. Airy room filtered off dust due to sheer curtain fabric weave. As they're lighter than other drapes, sheer curtain fabrics allow air and the sun's rays to filter into the room.creating an elegant, romantic atmosphere during the day.

2. Elegant yet simple and translucent sheer curtains contribute a lot in brightening up the room. A bright room looks much bigger than it is as opposed to a dark room.

3.Do I need say that besides maximizing the light, sheer curtains also welcome sun light Vitamin D which is good for your health.

4. They offer privacy without having to turn your room dark with other heavy window treatment modes. Sheer curtains helps you enjoy a light-filled room while still keeping inquisitive eyes away. They are thin enough to let the sunshine in and thick enough to block the inside view.

5. When need be, you can use sheers to make a low ceiling look higher. For a smaller room with a low ceiling, installing sheers that are much wider than the windows creates a visual illusion effect of a beautiful soft wave when they are closed. Installing sheer curtains from the floor to the ceiling makes your room seem much bigger than it is.

I could go on and on about the utility of sheer curtains but lets delve into the aesthetics. There is no doubt sheers add style, a dreamy, romantic and sensual feel to the room.The textured elements of curtain sheers and the numerous designs present in the cloth can complement almost any interior in any room.

Sheers curtains may be used on their own but are also the perfect partner with curtains as they offer privacy without blocking out light when the curtain is open during the daylight. Note that at night when it’s dark outside and light on in the room the sheer curtains become transparent from the outside.

Consider using sheer curtains as a continuous backdrop in a room to allow light and shapes to filter through, tying the room together without completely hiding architectural features. Sheer curtains can provide a soft relief in a room that already has a lot going on visually with busy patterns. There are many contemporary uses for sheer curtains, they’re excellent for tying together mismatched windows, or to break up large continuous windows into sections by bunching panels together.

To give your room a punch like with curtains, you want your sheers curtains to have a bit of a wave to them. Double or triple the width of the sheer curtain to that of the window depending how billowy you want them to have.

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