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Red window curtains

Red window curtains


Plain red window curtains are a strong visual and physical stimulant that will help restore vitality, courage and self-confidence. Plain red window curtains will stimulate brain activity, increases heart rate (use cautiously especially in Kids room), otherwise a red window curtain gives energy and self-confidence. Use plain red window curtains cautiously, especially when it comes to baby's room interior decoration. It is not recommended for baby's nursery because the color red when used in excess is associated with aggression, inability to focus and headaches. When used correctly, plain red window curtains have good effects such as energizing the body and mind.

Paint or better still wallpaper the walls brown will bring a warm, cozy feel to a room with red curtains Dark walls can make a small room feel smaller, though, so an alternative is to choose a shade of tan or off-white cream. Light neutrals colored walls go well with red curtains. You may consider to wallpaper the walls a deep, jeweled-tone green, or a light and airy shade of sage for a hint of color. At all costs avoid red walls as it can be overpowering as a wall color. Red curtains will stand out much better on just about any other but light color.

Besides plain red curtains, we have red and red and white curtains, one of most popular curtain color palettes. Red and white curtains are an exciting, vibrant yet classic color combination. Balance and elegance are the keys to getting this glamorous curtains color scheme on.

There are other many other other combinations with red. The right one for you will be dictated by what other color fabrics you have in your space. Black, red and white window curtains make an energetic and visually captivating statement while adapting to the theme that you already have going around your house.