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Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains


Kitchen curtains should be chosen in mind that there are many factors to consider, including color, pattern, style, length, and fabric. The kitchen curtain fabric you choose will affect how the curtain hangs and drapes, as well as the texture, coverage, durability, and ease of laundering. For instance you should avoid polyester kitchen curtains curtains, as the material is flammable, absorbs odors, and doesn’t allow for good air circulation. Cafeteria & kitchen curtains are exposed to abuse from the sun, kitchen grease and dust that comes in the window. Good Kitchen Curtains should be of a material that is easily washable, a fabric that won't fade easily and that doesn't demand a lot of maintenance. Most fabrics are not functional kitchen curtains choices. A good choice for kitchen curtain fabrics is cotton, chintz and cotton blends that wear well and wash up easily. Cotton kitchen curtains will still fade with time, but they're inexpensive enough to be replaced easily.

Explore the various curtain fabrics available at Nairobi Curtain Designers to choose the kitchen curtains that best satisfy your decor and needs.