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Brown Curtains

Brown Curtains


Brown window curtains are often poorly labelled as lackluster or boring. At Nairobi Curtain Designers we focus on the rich earthy quality that different brown window curtain shades have. Deep brown window curtains are warmer than black or charcoal gray, they are rich, enveloping, and dramatic curtains. Note that brown curtains will always be enhanced when contrasted with light colored walls such as cream or crisp white. The kind of brown curtains pictured here will go well with white walls and ceiling so that the room does not look too dark. Brown curtains, being earthy or nutral gives you the liberty to capture popular hues of oranges, yellows, and warm brown tones repeated throughout the home in other fabrics and or furniture. A brown sofa is a practical choice, as is wood furniture or light wood effect wallpaper. For a really harmonious color theme with brown window curtains create a more inviting space by peppering the room with artwork, throw pillows, or decorative accents in shades of rust, mustard, and amber.

In color psychology, brown curtains have the effect of that evoking a sense of strength and reliability. Brown as a color is often seen as solid, much like the earth, and it's associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. In choosing brown curtains take note of the entire room color theme. When you choose color combinations that occur together in nature you wont go wrong. With brown curtains, choose varying shades of brown and green for the other fabrics in the room to work together, with greens from lime to leaf paired with a range of light browns to chocolate brown. this is a color combination that has stood the test of time.