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Orange Curtains

Orange Curtains


A true orange window curtain, color psychology suggests, is about fun, joy, and playfulness. Orange curtains will encourages social interaction in a fun, conversational way. The use of orange curtains in restaurants and home dining rooms stimulates the appetite. The saturation of color in your orange curtains will influence the intensity of the psychological effects you get. You will experience a very different feeling when you look at deep orange curtains compared to a softer orange such as peach orange.

It is important to note that in every color there are positive negative characteristics depending on how it is used and by using too much orange in your curtains or general interior decor, or using the wrong tone in combination with other colors in the room it can appear a bit frivolous. Even with the help of our staff, it is important that you personally choose the tone or your orange window curtains as whether you feel the positive or the negative characteristics will be personal.