Drapes in Kenya are confused by many people with curtains. Many Kenyans think drapes and curtains are the same. At Nairobi Curtain Designers we will help you determine whether you require drapes or curtains for your windows in the different rooms. For instances, drapes are usually more needful in the home bedroom window treatment and curtains in the living room window treatment. The main differences between drapes and curtains is that drapes are heavier and curtains are lighter. Have you ever been to the Kenya National Theater for a stage show? What people call stage curtains at the Kenya National Theater or indeed for any thespian stage curtains, are actually drapes. Sheers are one example of curtains. Drapes, such as the Kenya National Theater Stage are heavy fabrics, designed for soundproofing, blackout, as well as to offer fire protection. Drapes are either heavy fabrics or are lined. Curtains are not lined, are light fabrics, and won't block out light as well as drapes do. Drapes are used primarily to block out light, cold, sound and for privacy while you can see through curtains. Curtains are used to offer little privacy and more to add a decorative touch.

Some factors to consider when choosing a heavy window drapery include accurate sizing of the bar, but also a bar that complements the rings of your drape.You must also consider the weight of your drapery and the strength of the curtain rod to carry it. A quality rod will successfully hold your drapes and curtain hooks in place without bending.

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