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Curtain rods in Nairobi, and in Kenya generally are imported. At Nairobi Curtain Designers we stock both local and imported curtain rods. Imported curtains rods in Nairobi are cheaper and offer more design varieties than curtain rods made in Nairobi. . Curtain rods made in Nairobi or curtain poles on the other hand are a bit more expensive but are stronger. Imported curtain rails a, curtain tracks and curtain rods in Nairobi include Motorized curtain tracks in a variety of colors, heavy duty curtain rails for home, office, hotels and hospitals, wood like plastic alloy curtain rods in black walnut and red walnut colors, white curtain poles, and wrought iron curtain rods. As a general rule hang your curtain rods, to create the illusion of a taller window, either 15 centimeters above the window frame—or halfway between the frame and the ceiling cornice.

Except for the (metal) wrought iron curtain rods made in Nairobi, Kenya all the others curtains rods are imported and are made of plastic alloy. Our Curtain rods at Nairobi Curtain Designers are in numerous styles and designs. Not all our curtain rods are simple straight poles; we have flexible or curved curtain rails and hinged poles, allowing installation in bay windows and around curved walls and corners. Curtain rods can also be shaped like a crane or exhibit a swing arm design. We also have double curtain rods used to add convenience and style by layering a set of two curtains and work them independently of each other. Double curtain rods are mainly used to layer curtains with curtain sheers. However you may use double curtain rods to layer any two curtains, one underneath the other. Double curtain rods, two parallels curtain rods are held in place by the same brackets, give your windows a two-dimensional look allowing you to combine two different colored curtains or fabric types. Installation of double curtain rods is a DIY and easy, with the right carpentry tools you can do it.

As we have all grown up with curtain rods in the traditional use let we add a bit of more value to your use of curtain rods in unconventional ways. You can also re-purpose curtain rods for uses they weren't originally intended for. Curtain rods and brackets are not only good for hanging curtains... they're also good for things. For one, curtain rods and brackets are a great way to create a pot rail in the kitchen, even one that stretches the length of a rather long kitchen wall. See the picture above. All you have to do is hang the curtain rod on a wall where there is no window and use the hooks to hang your pots. Similarly you can use curtain rods in the bathroom or washroom to create towel rails. The decorative parts attached to the ends of a curtain rod are called curtain rod finials. Use curtain rod finials as decorative wall hooks. All you need do is drill a hole and insert a two-way screw and there you are, a clever and very appealing display of wall hooks.

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