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Blue and white curtains

Blue and white curtains


Blue and white curtains color combination is classic—it manages to be both breezy and sophisticated at the same time. When blue, a color often found in nature such as the blue of the sky or the rich dark blue of the sea or ocean, combines with a clean and simple white, you get the ultimate serene, tranquil space. Where is the best place to use blue and white curtains?

Blue is described as the favorite interior decor color, both for walls and curtains, for many people and is certainly the color most preferred by most men. A blue and white curtain is most appropriate for boys room among other areas. Girls may prefer pink or other colors described as feminine.

Because blue and white curtains are viewed as favored by so many people, it is safe and serene to use in the living room provided that you harmonize the curtains with the rest of the fabrics in the room and the general color scheme or theme.

You may also use blue and white curtains for business premises as blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. Research has shown that people are more productive in blue rooms.

It is however important to remember is that the feelings described here as evoked by the blue and white curtains are general to the majority of people but are not necessarily universal. Cultural differences sometimes play a role in how people perceive color. If for example you associate the color blue with a vivacious and lively friend, then you might see the blue and white curtain as a high energy color that evokes a sense of excitement.

We also have plain blue curtains, with white, and we have plain white curtains without the blue.