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 Double curtain Rods

Double curtain Rods


Double curtain rods at Nairobi Curtain Designers will give your windows a two-dimensional look; allow you to combine curtains and sheer curtains for each window or combine two different colored curtains or fabric types for each single window. Two parallel curtain rods, approximately 2-inches apart, are joined and held in place to become one double curtain rod by special mounting brackets. Installing the brackets is easy with carpentry tools you can do it.

Plastic alloy double curtain rods pictured here, are made of poly-blends, designed to retain the best characteristics of each material, alloy & plastic. Plastic alloy curtain rods are thus compact and strong. Other properties of this curtain rods are heat-deflection,resistance to temperature fluctuation, flame retardant, chemical and weather resistance. These kind of double curtain rods not only add convenience and style to your window treatment, they allows you to hang two sets of curtains and open or close them for privacy or for light control independently of each other. However If for windows wider than 4 feet to carry heavy drapery, you need to install a center bracket to prevent the middle of the double rods from sagging.

If you have been having single curtains rods and want to have a better look of our house to make it more beautiful and attractive you can do so by using double curtain rods to allow you hang two different curtains at the same time. The problem of having a single curtain on you window area is that if you want to let some light to pass through during the day, you need open the curtain and move it on the outer sides. However, the amount of light that comes in is more than enough to what you really want. You don't have any choice since are are using such type of single curtain rod. In order to address such issues, you have the double curtain rods.