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Hotel blackout Curtains demonstrate the many roles designer blackout curtains play, both functional as well as well aesthetic. Nairobi Curtain Designers take curtains, drapes, sheers and other window treatments not only as privacy providers but also as an integral part of interior decoration. From enhancing the features of a room to privacy and protection, curtains and drapes serve a number of purposes. For instance our hotel blackout curtains (or drapes) are intended to decorate a hotel's guest room, to blackout or obscure light and noise, or drafts, or water in the case of hotel shower curtains.
Hotel blackout curtains, drapes, and other Window curtain designs can be classified according to the style of construction or tailoring, the way the curtain will be hanged, or according to the patterns, colors and texture of the curtain fabric. Either way, if you are looking to buy unique window curtain designs in Kenya, classic or contemporary window curtain designs, curtain rods and accessories, window films and window blinds, for your hotel, house, boys room curtains, girls room curtain or office curtains, you have come to the right place. Our wide selection of window treatments has the best match for your needs.
What goes into the making of a unique window curtain? There are several factors that will help you achieve a unique window curtain, being:
1. The choice of curtain fabric. Different fabrics are suitable for different spaces. Polyester curtains are probably the most common as polyester is durable, sturdy, and affordable.

  • Cotton Curtains. ...
  • Silk Curtains. ...
  • Linen Curtains. ...
  • Velvet Curtains. ...
  • Lace Curtains.
At Nairobi Curtain Designers, we match up the efforts of our parent company Wallpaper Kenya, to make sure your window curtain designs blend well into your walls. We offer you an under-one-roof solution for all your walls and window curtain designs.
Whether it's an elegant hotel blackout curtain or any other window curtain design, office vertical blinds or a simple swath of curtain fabric, every window curtain design needs the perfect complement. It is an inspiration for you to visit us and select and match up your fabric curtain designs and wallpaper. We have lots of fabric window curtain designs that will complement your wall's wallpaper.
For both fabric window curtain designs an Wallpaper designs we have a wide variety of designs, geometric, organic and neutral patterns, large patterns for big rooms, medium and small patterns, busy or simple designs. The choice is yours.
Whether you decide to visit or give us a call, our team of expert wallpaper and curtain designers, is always on standby to listen and recommend appropriately.